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Keep Cash Flow Under Control With Gentle Reminder

  • Are you too busy to chase invoices?
  • Do you sometimes experience problems with poor cash flow?
  • Would you like an easy way to chase the customers who owe you money?

Take the hassle out of your credit control processes with Gentle Reminder – an online service that makes it easy to contact your customers to remind them that a payment is overdue.

Gentle Reminder helps you to automate your standard invoice chasing processes to ensure that unpaid invoices are never forgotten about, so that you can focus on running your business.

Regular Reminders Result In Prompt Payments

One of the reasons why many companies go out of business is due to poor cash flow, and the reason they have poor cash flow is because they don’t regularly chase their unpaid invoices.

Generally speaking your customers don’t deliberately forget to pay their invoices. Late payments are usually the result of an oversight or administration error - an invoice being sent to the wrong person, being misfiled, not including purchase order details, or simply slipping through the net and being forgotten.

Chasing unpaid invoices is a time-consuming process, and usually a gentle reminder, advising that an invoice is overdue results in prompt payment. Gentle Reminder helps to streamline your invoice chasing processes. Once you’ve opened your account, you just need to import your unpaid invoices from your accounts system using our simple wizard and we’ll do the rest.

Gentle Reminder is fully configurable so you have total control over who to chase and what type of reminders to use for each customer. All reminders are sent out in your name by default, although we can send them using our branding if you prefer.

No Minimum Contract

There is no minimum contract and no set up cost. You can cancel the service at any time. We will hold your details on our secure system for 12 months, just in case you change your mind, unless you ask us not to.

Who Uses Gentle Reminder?

Gentle Reminder is used by sole traders, professionals, small to medium businesses, as well as larger organisations, where spending hours on the phone chasing payments is both time consuming and expensive.

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